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The Traditional Latin Mass (Tridentine Mass) in Knoxville and East Tennessee . The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Communitas is a Latin noun commonly referring either to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community. It also has special

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Member-sponsored, Non-commercial FM community radio station serving the Tampa Bay area since 1979 with diverse programming, news and public affairs.

College preparatory college established in 1888 serves students in grades garten through twelve.

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Community definition, a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

We are Nutricia and we believe in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health. Every day we are inspired by our purpose: to pioneer

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Located in the state capital of Texas, Austin Community College is a public, two-year college offering associate’s degrees and certificates in more than 180 areas.

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Though the long period of a Southern whaling voyage (by far the longest of all voyages now or ever made by man), the peculiar perils of it, and the community of

CELAC is an example of a decade-long push for deeper integration within Latin America. CELAC was created to deepen Latin American integration and by some to reduce

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A community of teachers and students who create on-line resources for teaching Latin and ancient Roman culture.

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